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Coxx Liftboxx zijaanzicht

Efficient distribution for many purposes

Fast loading and unloading at ground level in a high payload small truck. With various Boxx-units for many applications, all easily connected without leaving the cab. Save time by pre-loading transport containers, which can optionally rise to loading dock height.

The Coxx LiftBoxx is available in 3.5 - 5.0 and 6.5 tonne GVW. Various brands of frontwheel drive cabs available, with choice of EURO 6 diesel, CNG and full electric drivetrains.

The Coxx LiftBoxx has been developed to make city distribution more efficient. Increasing lack of space for transport grows the need for efficient and flexible use of small trucks in cities.

Coxx Mobile Systems specializes in modular chassis contructions out of high strength steel. This lightweight combination of innovation and meeting many market demands in one vehicle is unique in the world.

Liftboxx side by side

Time saving and happy drivers

Your driver arrives fit and on time at the customer, thanks to the modest dimensions and high driving comfort. With a button of the remote the loading floor drops to the ground in just 8 seconds. The door opens remotely, so the driver can access his packages and rolling cargo directly. When he takes the cargo outside, the door closes remotely. Safe and easy.

With the signature of the customer safely in his pocket, the driver walks back to the LiftBoxx smiling. With the remote, he puts the car in driving height, so he can get back on track immediately. With melancholy he thinks back of his old taillift trucks, which kept him hours longer on the road, with sore knees and back ache.

liftboxx detail


Time savings (un)loading
Faster by RoRo principle (Roll-on Roll-off). The loading floor or container unit drops in 8 seconds to ground level. With 25 delivery addresses you save 18% or 1,5 hour per vehicle, per day with a LiftBoxx.

Loading at ground level
Direct access without any steps. The LiftBoxx drops down its floor down to ground level. Any cargo up to 4.500 mm on even the smallest wheels rolls easily in and out.

End of taillift issues
Less waiting, less accidents, more effective mileage, more payload.

With 3 chassis widths and lengths up to 5.000 mm a lot is possible. Connecting a different Boxx type varies the application of the vehicle. Without changing the LiftBoxx vehicle. This makes the system fit for a large array of sectors.

Favourable ergonomics
No more heavy lifting your cargo and climbing into a high Luton van. With the Coxx LiftBoxx this will be history. The loading floor lies fully on the ground, which resultats in less kneebending and overloaded joints.

Changeable functions
No more time wasted at distribution centres. While the LiftBoxx driver is moving cargo, the next container is being pre-loaded. In less than 2 minutes the empty Boxx is dropped off and the preloaded unit connected and ready to go. Without leaving the cab.

Out of the boxx applications
From easy transport frames, storage containers, horse boxes, slide-out pop-up stores, mobile workspaces, command posts, camping pods, food stalls, locker boxes, ATM units, emergency service units, or various transport units. It all fits inside the LiftBoxx.

liftboxx detail

Floor height

Max Weight



Length up to 5m

Height up to 4m

Capacity to 4.000kg

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The base of each cargo carrier or container unit is formed by a lightweight aluminium floor. The boxx bodywork or mobile tool on top of this floor is almost entirely free to decide. By varying the construction, the application of the entire vehicle to be adjusted. This makes the LiftBoxx available to many sectors, each with their own specific needs.

The Boxx units most commonly used are the SquareBoxx and T-Boxx Maxx with maximum transport volume. These container units can accommodate 6 to 8 pallets including a pump truck.

Open container boxxes or simplified machine platforms are easily drawn up. For the more advanced applications there are slide-out, fold-out or tipping mechanisms available.

Bij 4m boxx
Boxx length

XF 35-40 3.500 Kg 1.000 Kg 2.500 tot 4.000 mm B

XF 50-40 5.000 Kg 2.200 Kg 2.500 tot 4.500 mm C1

XF 70-40 7.000 Kg 4.200 Kg 3.000 tot 5.000 mm C1

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