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Custom Mobile Offices

Quality and comfort, tailored to your needs and situation. Coxx' low chassis technology forms an ideal basis for every mobile workspace, where you and your customers step easily in and out. We specialise in lowered floor chassis with flexible dimensions and high carrying capacity, available in various weight categories.

When you work on a location for longer periods of time, the demountable office units of the Coxx LiftBoxx system are a smart choice. The mobile office unit is easily placed on its feet. With a single slide-out function a workspace of 4.500 x 3.500 mm surface is created. While the office unit is fully operational on its working location, the LiftBoxx vehicle is back on the road to move other units or cargo. Very efficient.

Mobile offices for many purposes

Our mobile offices can be used for many purposes. Below is a selection of manufactured applications and options:

Drink and drug control control vehicles
Mobile stage
Mobile dental practice
Mobile hearing centre
Health checks on location
Demonstration units

Mobile workshops for the racing industry
Jury units for events
Test Units
Product presentation
Campers and mobilehomes

Mobiel kantoor Jeugdtandverzorging Amsterdam

Driveable Mobile Offices

Every Coxx mobile office is custom made. Built for your application, dimensions and comfort level. Often with special features. With your set of requirments we get to work. Quality and customer satisfaction are always key.

For the base vehicle there is a choice of a broad array of front wheel drive cab brands. Available for driving license B, C and C1. In vehicle weight categories from 3.500 till 7.490 kg GVW. Our vehicles come with EURO 6 diesel, CNG and full electric drive with a high range.

Suspension comes in 3 comfort levels. Starting with OEM original leaf suspension, helper air suspension for higher comfort, full air suspension, or hydraulic suspension for special purposes.

Slide-out functionality is optional to the left, right, back and up in the sky. Coxx Mobile Offices come as driving offices and demountable office units. Our design team is happy to live up to the challenge.

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