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Coxx X-Low



The low entry level, in combination with a high loading capacity, offers the ideal base for distribution of people and goods. Given its modular character and flexible sizing, the X-Low suits a variety of target groups.

The modular construction results in short delivery times, starting from only one week!

The universal coupling system connects the X-Low chassis to the cabin, and allows the cabin to be easily replaced after depreciation. This second life of the chassis and bodywork reflects positively in the exploitation costs.

With its various advantages, the X-Low chassis is the perfect foundation for a variety of vehicles:

Luton van and box body

Light car transporter

Market truck and foodtruck

Mobile office and workspace

City distribution

Commercial vehicle

Special bodywork construction


Lowest entry level
There is two options in low floors available; a lowered aisle of only 250 mm above ground level or a low loading floor at only 410 mm above ground level.

Allowing the loadingfloor to lower at 250 mm provides various advantages in efficiency, productivity and ergonomy.

High strength and lightweight
The chassis components are constructed out of high strength S700MC steel and riveted together to exclude tension in the chassis. This allows the construction of the chassis to be both ultra-strong and ultra-light.

The bearing construction and low weight loading floor contributes to a higher efficiency and most optimal productivity within the scope of a regular driving license (B).

Airsuspension as a standard
The rear axles of the X-Low chassis are equipped with air suspension as a standard. The air suspension has an Air Drive Control (ADC) system to ensure stability and the chassis to remain on the correct height while driving.

The air suspension is easy to use with the touchscreen controller.

The air suspension offers the possibility to lift or lower the vehicle very easily to the preferred height within seconds.

Leaf springs optional
The Economy Line X-Low chassis comes with re-using the leaf spring suspension of the base cab. Lowering the vehicle chassis 250 mm, this gives great value for money.

Unique coupling system
The Superior Line X-Low chassis is constructed to the cabine with a unique Coxx coupling system. 4 widths of chassis can be connected to 1 system.

This allows the cabin to be exchangeable and can be replaced after full depreciation so the valuable bodywork can start a second life. The Coxx chassis will then still last for many years.

The universal coupling system is available for Fiat , Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Vauxhall, VW Crafter and MAN TGE.


A combination of the X-Low chassis with a Crewcab or double cab is a unique product in the market.
The vehicle has an ultra-low loading floor at only 410 mm with a loaing capacity of 4.000 Kg.

This unique concept allows a 7.490 kg GVW vehicle, with a length up to 10.000 mm. As a chassis crewcab the X-Low offers a gross loading capacity of 5.000 kg max. Engine capacity available up to 130 Kw (180 HP).


Max Weight



Length up to 8m

Height up to 4m

Loading capacity up to 5000kg

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The Shortcab is an in-house developed cabin, based upon a 'naked' Fiat Ducato chassis cab. The Shortcab is directly connected to the Coxx X-Low chassis and can be used in combination with various chassis types.

The Shortcab is only one meter long, compared to a regular Ducato cabin with a 2,40 meter length. This allows more space for vending, parcel delivery, distribution or promotion. A gain of 1.4 meter net and direct access to the rear section./p>

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