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Semi custom chassis

Coxx Mobile Systems build special trailers for specific purposes. Usually we design our trailers as a solution for mobility, or logistics issue, or qualitative base for a desired body.

The wishes of the requirements and design of the chassis, as well as the external bodywork will discussed in advance. Quality, customisation and customer satisfaction are paramount.

Coxx Oplegger suzuki racing

BE Trailers and market vehicles

We specialise in BE trailers and market vehicles from 5.5 tonnes to 20 tonnes gross weight. Our quality is mainly in the floor height of 250 mm. The walkway of 100 mm height is even possible, when chosen. From this low aisle you are nearly level with the customer, making the contact more enjoyable.

With the market trailer the folding kingpin plate is popular. This kingpinplate turns inward, so you do not look at a soiled dish plate, but at a beautifully finished build. Another often chosen option is the remote controlled diesel power on the support legs. With this the trailer can be manoeuvered easily on the market place.


Extra options

Our trailers are always fully customised and often contain special properties. The trailers can drop to the ground, self drive with a petrol, diesel or electric drive. The trailers are equipped with air suspension and optional hydro-pneumatic suspension. On request they extend to the left, right, back and /or up. Our design team is happy to live up to the challenge.

With over 40 years we have built up a large portfolio of experience. Below is a list of previously built trailers:

Center-axle trailers
Tandem axles
Turntabel trailer
Car Transporters

Machine transporters
Container systems
Promotion vehicles
Boat trailers

Market Trailers
Horse Trailers
Mobile office as a trailer

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